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Children are familiar with the centre’s well-established daily routines and expectations for behaviour. Teachers have had a focus on children learning to play well together. The children are confident and cooperate in their play, interacting positively with one another. Children have many opportunities to explore and learn in the interesting and challenging outdoor area. Here they learn about nature and develop their physical skills

Education Review Office, 2016


Our Philosophy

We view Richmond Early Learning Centre as a home away from home, where our flexible routines allow children to feel a sense of belonging in a nurturing and caring environment. Teachers recognise children as unique, growing and learning at their own pace. We believe in ‘free movement’ where infants and toddlers are given the time and space to develop physically at their own pace.

Richmond is a place that is stimulating and responsive to children’s individual needs. We celebrate what children can do now, giving them time to enjoy their successes and moments of discovery during play. Parents, children and whānau will be encouraged and are welcome to contribute to planning portfolios.

As teachers, we see learning as a lifelong journey. We learn from each other, our children and through regular professional development. May the journey continue….